Impact Camp 2024

Our Impact Camp is usually a 4d3n camp, held during long public holiday weekends and has attracted 40 to 50 campers each year. This camp is organised to give an opportunity for Christians in their 30s - 40s to come together to encourage, fellowship, share, and learn from one another specifically in the issues facing them in their mid life years.

Rest : Restore and Restart

Our camp theme this year is focused on attaining rest - to restore and restart. As such, after each plenary session, we get time for personal reflection and meditation.

It’ll be a real treat to leave our hectic schedules aside and just have time to rethink our priorities and responsibilities. Of course we will still have the dynamic group discussions and bonding sessions and also free time to just chill and relax.

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At the camp we will have the opportunity to slow down, breathe deep, reflect and listen to God in the midst of natural surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. We need to be made aware again of His presence with us always and His immense love for us so that we trust Him to guide us in all things. Come join us for a refreshing time. Thank you.

Weng Hou & Gaik Suan

Plenary : Camp Theme "REST: Restore and Restart"

Weng Hou and Gaik Suan are the founders and directors of Care Partners Asia. They are a husband and wife team who has had years of caring experience. They have been married for 35 years and have 3 married children and 2 grandchildren.

Care Partners provides personalized employee care services, primarily in the area of mental health. Its model of care includes making weekly visits to employees to build relationships of trust and friendship so that employees can receive help any time they are ready.

As a couple they have had to work through business failure, marriage and financial stress, parenting issues, caring for aged parents and grief. They have gained wisdom and practical skills in handling the stresses of life and coming to the place of rest and restoration.

Pr. Chris Kam & Stella

Workshop : "Friends and Family"
Workshop : "Men and Women"

Pastor Chris Kam was an electrical engineer by profession until he joined DUMC 9 years later in 1994. He is currently the Pastor-in-Charge of DUMC and has been a pastor for 30 years. His passion in life is to disciple believers towards Christlikeness through an intentional life-on-life process. He is particular about awakening men to their calling as godly men, husbands, and fathers.

He is married to his wife Stella for 36 years, with 3 boys aged 34, 29 and 27 and two daughters-in-law, Michelle and Annabella. The eldest son is a medical doctor, the second a videographer and the third is an engineer. By God’s grace, they all love the Lord and are following Him wholeheartedly.

Stella was a director in a multinational accountancy firm and headed the Learning & Development department of the company for over twenty years. She now runs her own consultancy and training business. She too is passionate about the value of excellence in everything she does and helping others to do likewise. Apart from her work, she holds an even more important portfolio, that of a wife and mother.

Together with Chris, and their three sons, and now two daughter-in-laws, they have a passion for God and life, and desire others to experience the same. They believe life really becomes enjoyable and fun for people in their forties and beyond.

Prof. Dr. Living Lee

Workshop : "Church"
Dr. Living Lee (PhD Liverpool) was Professor of Geology in the University of Malaya till his retirement in 2011.

Founding Elder and later on Pastor of People's Park Baptist Church. He was past-president of Graduate Christians Fellowship (GCF) Malaysia and the current appointed advisor.

He is a committed Christian who often speaks on Science and Faith issues to students, graduates and church groups as well as at interreligious forums.

Timothy Choy

Workshop : "Work"
Timothy Choy is a public sector specialist working with and in government. Among others, he has helped the Penang State Government establish an implementing agency and is currently consulting a Sarawak Government statutory body on their business transformation journey.

Called at the age of 18 to work with governments, Timothy is passionate to see nations prosper and for governments to step into their God-given role as administrators of justice, peace and righteousness. Someday, to witness Revelations 7:9 manifest.

Timothy has his Christian foundations nurtured in the Methodist Church. He currently attends SIBKL, serving in Children's Ministry with the conviction that there is a spiritual battle over the church for the next generation